"Did you Know"

  • Rotary currently has over 1.2 million members and 34,000 clubs world wide.

  • Rotary and its Rotarians provided 2.5 million "charity miles" from United Airlines to transport children to the U.S. for surgeries and medical care and to Engineers Without Borders for water projects and other humanitarian projects.

  • The Rotary Club of Fishers, IN, in partnership with the Freetown Rotary Club of Sierra Leone, has provided 100 wells in Sierra Leone. That's one heck of a water project!

  • Since 1947 Rotarians have contributed $2.9 billion to The Rotary Foundation (TRF).

  • Rotarians contributed $109 million in EREY contributions to TRF. That, along with $83 million in Polio Plus contributions and $16 million in contributions to the Permanent Fund, equals $208 million in total cash contributions for 2011. TRF currently has $795 million. You'll be proud to know that administrative expenses for TRF are only 2% of the amount raised and total administrative costs, which include all development costs, totaled 7%. TRF paid out $168 million in grants during 2011.

  • India has been removed from the endemic list of countries being free of polio for over a year. Only Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria still have cases of polio.

  • Ted Turner said, "I would be proud and enthusiastic to be associated with Rotary in any way." I wonder if anyone has asked him to join.

  • Shelter Box, an organization that provides emergency shelter and life saving supplies, is now officially associated with Rotary. They have responded to over 200 disasters in 75 countries and have provided aid to over $1 million people in their 11 years of service.

  • There were 4 members at the first Rotary meeting in Chicago. 2 of them dropped out after only a couple of years. The 5th member who attended the 2nd meeting, Harry Ruggles, is responsible for the singing we do at meetings. So if you don't like to sing, blame Harry.

  • Our own Dr. Phil Meyer is traveling with the District 5650 Zambian Project May 8-29 to lend his skills as a pediatrician. Fine money collected at April meetings will be sent with Phil to be used where it's needed most.

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